Dispatch from a point of high inertia

1 min read

So here’s what I’ve been doing while I’ve been very busy not updating this site:

  • A lot of game design work, lately as part of a workshop/support group/collectivey thing I helped start. I think I’m actually cooling off on this a bit lately, or possibly heading in a more digital direction with it (I’ve been doing almost no extracurricular programming lately, which has been woooonderful). But yeah.
  • Setting my drums back up, and playing with a friend hopefully every couple of weeks.
  • Taking fitness a lot more seriously – I’m down 20 pounds this year.
  • Reading this, and testing out the video capabilities of my cell phone camera.

Come to think of it a lot of this has to do with collaboration and putting structure around creativity – something my girlfriend is also doing, and something that’s pretty explicitly related to gaming. So hey, I’m on topic!