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Mike Sugarbaker

I fought the office supplies and the office supplies won

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Those of you in my Extreme Fan Club may already have noted that my site is no more. It was difficult to turn down an okay sum of cash for something I hadn’t used in 18 months, just to preserve my first shot at fulfilling a dream I no longer have. Onward to the future, I always say. And the future is a domain-parking ad page.

But I have preserved the old indexcards content. I created in 1998 and it got featured by Project Cool, which was oh nevermind, and before too long the weblog model had cemented and obsoleted my model, which, to be fair, was deliberately obtuse and arty. But even at the time of its death it was the only place I could have posted the sort of things I put there – the only purely creative space I had online. Or it would have been if the admin page had been working.

I’m going to need another one of those maybe. We’ll see if I cook something up.