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late to the 17776 game but wow. A whole generation went through high school and college while Homestuck was running. http://www.sbnation.com/a/17776-football

They* say sunshine is the best disinfectant!

* this group not guaranteed to include my kiddie pool

They say human brains lose plasticity after 25 years. The first graphical Web browser was released in 1993. Maybe the web's done changing.

The @beakerbrowser folx have also, perhaps by mistake, made one of Earth's best deployment sitches for static site generators in hashbase.io

Are there still any non-technical publications that talk mainly about the web? Or is the web just kinda... obsolete that way?

(Although it begins to look like IndieWeb and beakerbrowser.com are in the beginnings of a beautiful friendship!)

All IndieWeb'd up and nothing to post.

I cannot quite yet tell whether this is interesting:


Do the tools work? What was the point of this?

Two and a half consciousnesses are having tea at Townshend's