Welcome to the Anti-Fun League, a Gibberish page about games. This page houses my original game designs, which I create about once every three years or something. If I ever generate any other sort of game musings, you'll find them here as well.

This used to be the home of my original map designs for the great Mac game Marathon Infinity, and in fact, it still is.

Props to Cheapass Games and Looney Labs, for inspiration.

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And how about my article on the D20 System for

A   S P E C I A L   P R E S E N T A T I O N


Project: Gargantua
You know that Icehouse-obsession thing? Yeah. Thanks to Erskin for hosting the pics. (FuzzFace has more.) I'm thrilled that people liked them. Look for 'em at DunDraCon 2001.

N O W   I N   B E T A


It was only a matter of time until Mike's Icehouse obsession affected his mind, leading him to fantasize about primitive creatures who manifest their psychologies in three colored layers, and shed them as things get ugly. He eventually created a vicious two-player strategy game - the last step that let us know he was mad. (Note: if you know what it means that the preceding was 55 words long, you're probably next.)

I N   B E T A   F O R E V E R


Super Doofus Race 2000
So you want to race your friends in go-karts around a weird Japanese cartoon world, but you're sick of staring at that little split-screen? SDR2K is a fast, fun racing card game for 3 to 8 players, with a play system you've never seen before unless you're British. Download it today!

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