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The most baller move Netflix could make now is moving to native on Mac and Windows anyway. (Like they have on all the *popular* platforms.)

Well, hopefully a clearer sense of what features will actually serve users, and of what the Web is and should be. I hope it isn't too late.

But we put the final nail in Flash's coffin! ...by becoming closed... and insecure. What did we win, again?

It inevitably, in hindsight, led to the biggest web application being able to say what the web is - exactly what we once feared from MSIE.

As much as I love making web pages that do things, and therefore love making web apps... "the web as application platform" was a mistake.

It's kind of wonderful how when you go skulking around the cafe counter for the wifi password, you look exactly like you are doing just that

My precious

At 8:30 on Thursday in the Pearl, no one was dining at the restaurant with this in the window

Star Wars: Young Lumpy. It already sounds like a John Waters movie, what the hell, at least take a meeting #starwars

Actually, John Waters would want to make a movie about Lumpy. Let's make this happen people #starwars