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@cascadiawillem Graeber has something to say about that last assertion.

tl;dr have another read of David Graeber's essay "The Bully's Pulpit": https://thebaffler.com/salvos/bullys-pulpit

Until then, provocation remains not just a tactic of fascism but a central part of its appeal. "Triggered much, libs?" was born at school.

But every five year old has a breaking point, and so does every adult. Maybe we will learn this as a culture someday, but probably not soon.

Instead of helping kids, this advice helps admins to ignore the problem. This is also the goal of similar advice to anti-fascism protestors.

Civil rights activists in the '60s developed real training in ignoring provocateurs, but we expect 5 year olds to be good at it instantly.

Advice to bullied kids to "just ignore them" has persisted so long because it isn't meant to help the victim - it's always failed at that.

Wh--- wait a damn minute

@misuba And most of the humans at this point

The best app name of all time is FileMaker. Everyone instantly knows which one you mean even though it describes almost every app ever made