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A new illustrated podcast from the creators of Children's Hour of Knowledge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_dV3w9ehbU

Slow week for Danny - refactoring, probly lots of bugs - but you can use Markdown now! github.com/misuba/Danny dat://danny-tutorial-misuba.hashbase.io/

Things are still 0.1 as foretold but here is a wee adventure to get you started: dat://danny-tutorial-misuba.hashbase.io/

That's not quite what this is, but I already wrote about that part http://gibberish.com/2017/08/17/fuck-you-logins

The Internet Archive made all that noise about HC a while ago, and I thought, why isn't there a JS lib that does SPAs as if they're stacks?

I dropped a couple of hints about this, but here's v0.1 of my Beaker app, a contemporary take on HyperCard. https://github.com/misuba/Danny

Cuphead is kind of tragic: if it's not 60fps it's an unplayable game of its genre, but if it's not 12fps it undermines its aesthetic goals.

Walking in a crystal clear evening, listening to new Godspeed on new phone, and about to make a big announcement in the morning. Good, you?

I grant that 2 is twice as big as 1, but it's a rounding error when you're claiming to defend the open web. Shouldn't you admit defeat?

Why would that even matter for the web at this point? Why add a feature for one of two URLs people still go to, so it'll still be a URL?