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The book that taught me how to program: https://archive.org/details/The_Complete_HyperCard_Handbook

but it's so *easy* to look cool next to other Republicans

@milkybootscomix I miss Weedmaster P

Just the fact that you can watch Bob Ross on Twitch anytime you want makes me want to forgive the internet everything

@skinnyghost Capes has awesome 4-color feel. For modern, @happionlabs's Superhuman, PTA for sure, or Smallville. For crunch, I play SotM.

@CMcCurdyPDX and it's worth noting that CWA was a name for a set of ***policies*** that the GOP ***wanted***

@CMcCurdyPDX Wasn't Contract With America around that time? Not officially a slogan but

Most of Aphex Twin's catalog is now free to stream. https://aphextwin.warp.net/

@rjsteinert they'll never notice

@CMcCurdyPDX also how do you get drunk at Jimmy John's