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A geek is not a nerd. A geek is not a tech worker. A nerd is not a subhuman.

Geek culture - obsessive non-mainstream fandoms, unacceptable leisures, bookish passions - is fast becoming a significant force in American culture. Misunderstood, oft-abused, and now blamed for the same evils that used to be all rap music's fault, its participants are unfairly stereotyped. GAZEBO aims to define, explore, and explain geek culture through articles, fiction, art and interviews.

GAZEBO began its life as a small-press print journal devoted to bringing the highly personal, idiosyncratic writings on the Web home pages of the editors and their friends to the unwired zine-buying audience. With its second issue, it began to coalesce organically around the central theme of neglected and rejected American cultures. The first two issues of GAZEBO are now out of print, but the bulk of their content is now available on this website.

GAZEBO will have one final print issue, #3, to be published in the fall of 1999. To get on the list of potential recipients, send an email with your mailing address. Whether everyone who asks for a copy will get one, will depend on the issue's distribution size, which is yet to be determined. (But hey, you've got nothing to lose by asking for one.)

© copyright 1998 Mike Sugarbaker

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