A new illustrated podcast from the creators of Children's Hour of Knowledge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_dV3w9ehbU

Slow week for Danny - refactoring, probly lots of bugs - but you can use Markdown now! github.com/misuba/Danny dat://danny-tutorial-misuba.hashbase.io/

Things are still 0.1 as foretold but here is a wee adventure to get you started: dat://danny-tutorial-misuba.hashbase.io/

I dropped a couple of hints about this, but here's v0.1 of my Beaker app, a contemporary take on HyperCard. https://github.com/misuba/Danny

Cuphead is kind of tragic: if it's not 60fps it's an unplayable game of its genre, but if it's not 12fps it undermines its aesthetic goals.

Walking in a crystal clear evening, listening to new Godspeed on new phone, and about to make a big announcement in the morning. Good, you?

The most baller move Netflix could make now is moving to native on Mac and Windows anyway. (Like they have on all the *popular* platforms.)

As much as I love making web pages that do things, and therefore love making web apps... "the web as application platform" was a mistake.

It's kind of wonderful how when you go skulking around the cafe counter for the wifi password, you look exactly like you are doing just that

I back Ava too, but hear me out here: if she says no... John Waters ain't gonna be alive forever, is all I'm saying #starwars