tales from the dork side back issues

please do not contact me about inconsistencies in the design of older issues, as previous versions of myself, whom i am no longer in touch with, were responsible for them.

april 4, 1996: choose yr own messy demise
everyone's favorite subjects, hypertext and death. the orig. classic.

april 13, 1996: style sheets & role models
all the writing on the web looks the same (or did).

april 27, 1996: summer reading
pipe dreams, all of 'em.

may 11, 1996: let's hear it for radio buttons
survey. still works. send me a form, i dare ya.

june 1, 1996: returning to the movies
bits of stray media musings, and a partial summer movie diary.

june 8, 1996: just one person
how to think about your personal web page.

june 15, 1996: cop fear
meeting cops. paranoia, liminal states, free bonus prom picture.

june 29, 1996: those darn trading card games
potentially important early work in geek theory.

july 27, 1996: people I've met from online
aneesa and mimi. i like this one.

august 3, 1996: fat & happy
wide-ranging (no pun int.) introspection. includes sub-story (fiction).

october 5, 1996: a cappella hell
completely compromised analysis of the college-group phenomenon.

october 12, 1996: the rockefeller suite
my college, ghosts, haves and have-nots. weird but good.

january 25, 1997: how's the homework situation
my last year of school sucked. good background for 'math hatred.'

february 22, 1997: the truth about comics online
the truth is: there won't be any good ones. there, i gave it away.

july 5, 1997: you're living in S.I.N., the Self-Indulgence Network
collected personal email; i'm very proud of that title.

august 5, 1997: math hatred
more education angst. work, work, a dirty word.

november 28, 1997: excerpt from a work in progress (hello world)
pre-hiatus novel fragment. suburbs, boys, phones, things to cling to inside.

december 7, 1999: my melody
post-hiatus musical thoughts, top 5 albums of 99 (i was doing it before High Fidelity came out, dammit).

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